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What your mother never told you about being a girl's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
What your mother never told you about being a girl

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[08 Aug 2008|02:34pm]

Hello ladies - so my body's been acting wonky recently, and I finally went to my gyno, and she gave me another form of The Pill. She also reminded me that The Pill doesn't work when you're on antibiotics. I remember, because I learned that the hard way (tested positive, pregnancy spontaneously terminated itself within 2 days. Those were a fun 2 days). I was wondering whether anyone else had BC advice they would like to dispense?

Oh - my other one is that condoms don't necessarily prevent the spread of herpes.

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[07 May 2008|09:30am]

Would you like to take a survey?Collapse )
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[29 Apr 2008|09:25pm]

Name: Lauren  

Age:  29

In five words describe your style: eccletic.....(wow this is harder than I thought it would be).....warm, easy, laid back....I just can't come up with one more!

What is one beauty product you could not live without: Moisturizers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Favorite relaxation activity: Reading

One piece of advice you think every woman should hear:  You are always better than you think you are.

What does the word "sexy" mean to you: Sexy to me is humble confidence

A piece of advice you heed daily in your own life: persevere

What you loathe about being a woman: Periods!!!!!!

What you love about being a woman: The ability to conceive carry and birth children

Women role model you look up to: My momma!
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Newbie poster [28 Jun 2007|03:15pm]

Name: Kortnie like Courtney only spelled different ;)

Age: 21
Married, single, taken?: I guess I would be considered common-law though its not one of the options.

Favorite color: Yellow

Favorite past time?: OMG sleeping. I looooove to sleep! And read, spend time with friends, spend time with my loving boyfriend, being in school:)

One thing my mother never taught me about being a girl was....?
Being a woman is a beautiful thing and to respect myself. Growing up my mother had her run ins with horrible men because she lacked the confidence to look for better...

One crazy, interesting thing about you? Well... I did a program called Katimavik (www.katimavik.com), which is a volunteer program for Canadian youth between the ages of 17-21. I traveled for nine months, living in three different provinces volunteering and rooming with my 10 other room mates... It was the hardest, craziest, most memorable part of my life thus far..

Thank you for the add ladies. I am looking for forward to posting more and asking question :)

Much love,


P.S - I hope I did this right :)
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[05 Jun 2007|05:42pm]

I have to say the people who thought to package a wet wipe with a maxi pad are brilliant people!
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Strechmark treatment [06 May 2007|09:08pm]

[ mood | cranky ]

In a nutshell, I take medications that cause my cute little bod to blow up on occasions like the Goodyear Blimp, so I get tons of strechmarks. While they're forming, they itch in the most annoying, irritating, makes-me-want-to-pull-my-hair-out types of ways. I've almost been bathing in cocoa butter creams, and it helps temporarily, but I was just wondering if there's anything else any of you ladies use/do/recommend to relieve the itching or help my skin in anyway?

Or failing that- what's your best general strechmark advice for the public?

Mine- I like to use little cocoa butter cream sticks. They're less mess than lotions or just slathering from the jar and you can just smooth them wherever you need them.

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Sign Up for Annual Mammogram Reminder [01 May 2007|09:27am]

Sign Up for Annual Mammogram Reminder

Sign Up for Annual Mammogram Reminder. The Health Initiative is pleased to announce its new Carpe Boobem mammogram reminder program. When you sign up, you’ll get a birthday greeting from the Health Initiative each year and a reminder to schedule your annual mammogram. Participants who email us after they receive their mammograms will get a t-shirt as our “happy, healthy birthday” gift to them. For more information, click:

To all the straight ladies here, do not be put off that this is a pan-sexual health group - they also have a choice for "straight" - we're all women working together, regardless of race, sexual orientation, creed, religion.
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[23 Feb 2007|12:19pm]

Welcome to feminine_secret!

You see no posts here because I have asked the people in this community to post "friends only"! This is a private community that is moderated to protect the privacy and details of its members...it is the only way our members can feel that any question they ask is alright. Please put in a member request and it will be gotten to shortly. If you are not a troll, or like to poke fun, you'll likely be approved.

There are no stupid questions here.
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